Creation Tattoos is a stylish, modern and customer friendly
studio where comfort and relaxation is as important as the art itself.
The studio is run by artist Mark Stronge.

Mark carries out all aspects and styles of tattooing within the
premises. However Portrait, Fantasy and extensive Coverup work
are by his own addmission, Mark's speciality. Mark continually
strives to stretch the boundaries within these fields and is at
his most content when being stretched to the limit of his
artistic abilities.

Mark also works as a Traditional Freelance Artist specialising in
many different artistic genres from carricature, illustration and
portraiture to room size murals.

Creation Tattoos works entirely on a freehand basis ensuring that all
tattoo work is unique to the individual who wears it. Customers are
encouraged to meet with Mark firstly on a consultancy basis to discuss
ideas and scale etc. Then after both parties are 100% certain of design,
a booking is made and the tattooing can commence.

HYGIENE and PRIVACY are guaranteed.

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